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Bearing solutions

As a subsidiary of the Rieter Group, Temco is specialized in highly efficient and sophisticated machine components. Temco brand products have been used for over 70 years in the machines of all well-known manufacturers in the textile industry – as well as in the packaging, battery, printing and hygiene industries. Temco's expertise lies in the development, machining and distribution of various bearing solutions that meet the highest requirements for speed, tight installation space and durability.

Engineered Expertise

Temco components make all the difference when it comes to quality improvements required in spinning, texturing, draw twisting and draw winding. The company offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution of components including their rolling bearings, interlacing jets, texturing discs and twist stoppers. The products are key elements in the production of man-made fibers and are used on the machines of all well-known manufacturers in the international textile industry. The roller bearing systems for special requirements have also become increasingly important in hygiene, printing and packaging industries.

Customer Benefits

Temco guarantees the highest level of service and technical expertise to all customers worldwide. An experienced team of development engineers and sales experts works closely with the customer to create a solution that is precisely tailored to the  application.


Founded in 1957 Temco is a company with a long tradition. Explore the company's history.

Code of Conduct

Good corporate citizenship and integrity are core to Temco's success. 


Temco components help customers produce more with less energy and waste, helping them achieve a better environmental footprint.