Industry Solutions

For special demands

Temco roller bearing systems for special requirements have been gaining importance in non-textile industries such as printing, hygiene and packaging, among others. The bearings are designed and customized to withstand extreme conditions - from hot to cold temperatures, in contact with chemicals, abrasion or heavy contamination.

As a competent development partner and specialist in the field of bearing technology, Temco develops individual solutions for a wide range of areas and provides customers with great added value and sustainable benefits, tailored toevery need.


  • Packaging

    For use in packaging machines, roller bearings must meet special requirements, ensuring a long service life under extreme conditions.

  • Hygiene

    Hygiene products are found in many areas, in everyday lives, in care or in medicine. In the face of stringent legal requirements in the production of hygiene products, manufacturing facilities have to meet the highest standards.

  • Lithium batteries

    The battery industry is growing and the production of lithium ion batteries requires special conditions, especially in the deflection process.

  • Paper and printing

    Printing processes are almost fully automated and require smaller bearings and medium-sized rolls. With journal bearings, idlers and rollers, Temco manufactures high-quality products for the printing industry.

  • Tobacco

    In the tobacco industry, high speeds combined with smooth running are keys in the manufacturing process. The long service life of Temco's bearing arrangements is the reason why high productivity can be maintained for a long time.

  • Other industries

    Temco is broadly positioned and supplies many other applications with its high-precision products and forward-looking technologies.