Lithium Batteries

Gently Deflected

Driven by new technologies, the battery industry is rapidly growing. With deflection resp. idler rollers from Temco, customers are well equipped for the production of the cell types of the future, such as the all-solid-state or lithium-air battery as well as lithium ion batteries. The production of the lithium batteries require special conditions, especially in the deflection process. To prevent the fine foils from tearing or being damaged in any other way, the transport must be particularly smooth and the rollers used must be especially precise. Whether for round, pouch or prismatic cells, the components cover the deflection processes of coating, drying, calendering, slitting, separating, stacking and winding.



Sustainable locomotion will continue to occupy mankind for a long time to come. The selection of the right battery and the optimal cell format is crucial in e-mobility. While round, pouch and prismatic cells are still used in equal measure at the moment, a trend towards wound prismatic cells is emerging. Due to the significant quality features such as high tightness and strength, only the highest quality bearings of Temco, optimally adapted to the production of batteries, are recommended not only for the winding, but also for all other production steps.

Compact Applications

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have become an indispensable part of everyday lives. It is particularly important that the volumetric energy of these batteries, rechargable or not, is high enough so that the device remains fully operational over its entire service life despite extra weight. Perfectly matched rollers and rolls are needed to produce these compact batteries. Due to the different lengths and diameters, small, medium and large devices can be covered.


  • Lithium batteries

    The battery industry is growing and the production of lithium ion batteries requires special conditions, especially in the deflection process.