Services That Enable Customer Success

Equipped for Every Requirement

Temco develops projects hand in hand with their customers with the goal to create added values for the customers. Temco defines all the essential parameters regarding function, customer benefit and reliability of the product in the conception phase. In order to achieve the highest level of quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, Temco carries out the essential machining processes in-house using state-of-the-art production equipment. In all phases of the project development, Temco relies on a high level of quality assurance, using modern industrial measurement techniques.

  • New products & innovations

    Temco focuses on forward-looking products in its developments - whether to create more sustainability or to specifically meet customers' upcoming requirements

  • Quality

    The quality of Temco's products and services is a decisive factor in the success of the company. All business processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

  • Projects and partners

    Whether future-proofing technologies with Industry 4.0, processing sustainable raw materials or exploring new industrial fields, Temco is always pushing the boundaries to make customers more competitive. Temco continues to expand its expertise and obtains specialist support from all areas of the industry as well as from science and research.

  • Customer magazine

    The Rieter business group Components publishes the customer magazine Spinnovation with extensive information about products, services and the latest innovations.

  • Sales and service centers

    Temco operates a global network of sales and service centers to support customers wherever they are.

  • Terms and conditions

    General terms and conditions for customers and suppliers as well as further contract elements such as code of conduct, terms of purchase, etc.