Neatly packed

For use in packaging machines, roller bearings must fulfill special requirements. Ensuring long service life under extreme conditions is important as machine downtime can result in high costs. Customers in the packaging industry therefore need reliable and maintenance-free bearings for high cycle rates that are resistant to cleaning agents and meet all hygiene requirements.

This is exactly what Temco products offer. By meeting the regulations of the American Food and Drug Agency (FDA), for the use of food contact substances, some of Temco's idlers and rollers are classified as safe for direct contact with food.

Beverage Packaging

The beverage industry often uses shrink films for tray packaging to bundle a given number of beverage bottles. For example, strong shrink films are used to package multiple beverage bottles. Temco deflection resp. idler rollers provide precise film transport with their combination of smooth running and speed. Due to fast and precise start-stop operations during the foiling of the bundled bottles or cans, the films are subjected to high loads. With a low mass moment of inertia, as with Temco products, the process runs smoothly.

Food Packaging

Packaging protects food from environmental influences such as light and moisture, from contamination and damage. It ensures the high quality, safety and variety of food supply. Temco components provide a smooth transport of the packaging films under the specified FDA regulations and thus prevent damage to the material.

Sweets Packaging

The packaging material of confectionery is as diverse as the product itself: whether fine or robust films, shrink bags or bags. The Temco roller bearings are optimally designed for the confectionery production process, as they only transmit a low temperature to the passing products despite high speeds.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Blisters are frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging medications, as they protect against environmental influences, atmospheric oxygen and moisture. For sealing the push-through blisters with the push-through closure made of aluminum foil, blister foil or lid foil, a sophisticated deflection process is necessary. Temco supplies suitable products for this packaging process. 


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    For use in packaging machines, roller bearings must meet special requirements, ensuring a long service life under extreme conditions.