Not Standardized - Customized

Research and Development

The Temco research and development team meets the specific and targeted requirements of the market and develops efficient production solutions together with the customer. Experience, rethinking, creativity and vision - this combination is what makes Temco, and in turn every application, special. 

The engineered bearings are designed to withstand extreme conditions – from freezing cold to burning hot temperatures, contact with chemicals, abrasion or heavy contamination. Experience, reinvention, creativity and vision – it’s this signature mix that makes Temco stand out and offer customers uniquely designed products and services.

The team in Germany is responsible for the design, production and worldwide distribution of customized bearing solutions. Temco guarantees the highest level of service and technical expertise to all customers worldwide.

Experience goes digital

In order to ensure the competitiveness of customers in the market, forward-looking developments are a basic prerequisite. Whether sustainable projects or digital solutions: Temco focuses on the future.

Accordingly, Temco is specifically developing into forward-looking products in order to also specifically meet the future requirements of customers. Intelligent products for rapid fault detection and thus for avoiding downtimes on the machines are already well advanced in development.


Sustainable development

Temco is also developing new ideas when it comes to sustainability. Within the company, Temco is increasingly focusing on recyclable packaging in shipping, energy-saving measures throughout the company and the avoidance of superfluous waste. New solutions are also increasingly being developed in product development to significantly reduce CO2 emissions: as with the GreenDisc recyclable texturing disc.