Textile Solutions

Market-leading components of high quality for the production of filament yarns and man-made fibers

Temco products are market-leading "Made-in-Germany" components for the productions of filament yarns and man-made fibers and find a wide range of applications in the textile industry. They significantly improve the quality of textile-, Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF) carpet- and industrial yarns.

  • Textile yarns

    Clothing, home textiles, outdoor equipment and vehicle interiors. There are numerous applications for textured yarns produced with Temco components.

  • Carpet yarns

    At home, in hotels or at trade fairs and events - carpets can be found in many places to create a cozy ambience or to serve a special purpose. The high demands of manufacturing Bulked Continuous Filaments (BCF) can only be met with products that offer equally high quality – like components from Temco.

  • Industrial yarns

    Whether in car tires, geotextiles or for vehicle safety, the functionality of the used fabric depends on high yarn properties, achieved with superior components from Temco.