To the Smallest Detail

The quality of Temco's products and services is a decisive factor in the success of the company. To ensure it stays that way in the future, Temco builds on cooperation, constant exchange, and close connection to the market. What started with quality over 70 years ago should continue to stand for the name Temco in the future.

Quality-conscious employees

Temco attaches great importance to the idea of quality. This starts with the organization of the workplace, continues with clear communication within and between departments and extends to the professional commitment of each individual. An internal Clean-In-Place system (CIP) ensures that employees question their processes and provide new impetus for optimization.

Secure processes

Temco has a network of long-standing suppliers and partners who support the company's quality standards. Processes are clearly defined and Temco carries out quality controls in its incoming goods department, technical inspections during production and before packaging. Temco picks all orders according to the four-eyes principle and processes complaints immediately and seriously.

State-of-the-art production equipment

Temco's production facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art, highly productive and computer-controlled. Temco ensures the development of competent, top-trained specialists at all hierarchical levels with training and continuing education programs.

Quality promise

Temco's business processes are certified according to ISO 9001. The internal process flows are subject to regular audits. High quality requirements apply equally to product quality, delivery quality and the processing of customer inquiries and orders.

High production depth

Mechanical components, assemblies and systems from Temco are highly accurate and of consistently high reliability and durability.

The assembly of the actual bearing, as well as the assembly of the bearing in its functional environment, are complex processes that impact the performance and longevity of products. To make these processes more reliable for customers, Temco offers assemblies that are equipped with further attachments in addition to the bearings, e.g. with a preload system and specific drive and damping elements.

In order to achieve optimum quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, all key machining processes are carried out directly at Temco, in state-of-the-art production facilities featuring:

  • Soft and hard turning

  • Grinding

  • Fine machining (honing)

  • Bearing and component assembly 

  • Quality assurance