Cleanly Produced

Hygiene products are found in many areas: in everyday life, in care or in medicine. In the face of stringent legal requirements for the manufacture of hygiene products, the production facilities must meet the highest standards – just like Temco components. In the production of technical rolls and rollers, functional surfaces and coated lightweight components, the sequences for processing nonwovens are optimized and stabilized.

Temco products and solutions improve productivity and help to achieve a measurable competitive edge. The components for particularly sensitive areas of the hygiene industry comply with the prescribed regulations of the American Food and Drug Agency (FDA). High technical accuracies, a wide product variety and a long service life, combined with the sophisticated integrated bearing solutions, make it possible to meet the high quality requirements for the end product.

Baby Diapers

The high quality of baby diapers starts at the beginning of the process chain with the yarn. It must not only be of high quality, but also water repellent and soft. Temco products form the basis for this. In addition to the separator rollers VR and deflection resp. idler rollers ULR and ULW, which primarily fulfill the textile tasks of this application, guide roller FR are also used for processing the rubber tape used in the diaper.

FemCare & Adult Hygiene

With its long experience in the textile industry, Temco has great know-how in the hygiene industry, especially for the production of adult diapers and feminine hygiene articles. The deflection rollers ULR and ULW with non-stick coating are particularly important in this production process. By gluing the different layers of diapers or sanitary napkins with hot glue, the adhesive does not stick to the roll.

Wound Care

Temco deflection rollers as well as separator rollers are used for the production of plasters, wound dressings or similar products and comply with the prescribed regulations of the FDA.


  • Hygiene

    Hygiene products are found in many areas, in everyday lives, in care or in medicine. With high legal requirements for the production of the hygienic products, the production facilities have to meet the highest demands.