Carpet Yarns

High demands on quality and efficiency

Bulked Continuous Filament (BCF) yarns are mainly used for the production of carpet yarns. The yarn is drawn to the required thickness in a BCF extrusion line, then textured before being fixed on a cooling drum and then wound up. The production of BCF yarns is associated with high quality and efficiency requirements for the carpet industry. Interlacing nozzles with inserts made of high quality ceramic and its high quality bearings, such as separator rollers and yarn guide rollers, can achieve perfect yarn quality at high speeds. Both products with long service life ensure a consistent process, but also flexibility in the product range.


Carpets can have many different types of patterns and designs that are used to decorate the surface. They are used in industrial and commercial establishments such as retail stores and hotels, as well as in private homes. Today, there is a wide range of carpets available in many price and quality levels, from inexpensive synthetic carpets mass-produced in factories and used in commercial buildings to expensive hand-knotted wool carpets used in private apartments and homes. Critical to the quality of a carpet is the quality of the yarn. By using Temco's high quality bearings, the production process of BCF yarns is stable and the yarn is treated gently. Likewise, operating costs can be reduced as the life of the separator roller is maximized through optimized bearing load capacity without neglecting BCF yarn quality.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a floor covering that is easy to maintain and replace. They are an excellent way to achieve a custom color design of the flooring. That's why a wide range of BCF carpet yarns are so popular. With Temco's LD32 and LD4 interlacing nozzles and the various available ceramic interlacing inserts, carpet yarn manufacturers are flexible in their product range . This is because the excellent quality of the ceramic inserts and the high product uniformity ensure a stable process and high interlacing quality and uniformity. The thread guide rolls also ensure perfect yarn quality at high speeds. 


  • Spinning of bulked continuous filament (BCF) yarn

    Temco's products meet the high quality and efficiency requirements for the production of BCF carpet yarns.