Self-powered, intelligent, wireless bearing technology
  1. Real time-monitoring of all bearings
  2. Wireless
  3. Self-powered

Product information

i-Bearing is an intelligent bearing solution for textile, packaging, hygiene and other machinery which provides online condition monitoring of each connected bearing. By enabling bearings to communicate their operating conditions, near real-time, i-Bearing allows better control of the bearing life cycle, resulting in higher reliability and higher machine uptime.

Installation speed and simplicity

The i-Bearing is wireless and self-powered. Cables are no longer required and the transfer of information is much faster. Thanks to its plug and play nature, installation and network registration of the i-Bearing is a breeze.

Predictive maintenance enabled

The intelligence of the i-Bearing allows the constant condition monitoring of every single Temco bearing installed within a plant. By measuring speed, vibration acceleration and temperatures, the i-Bearing identifies critical conditions allowing bearings to be replaced before they fail. Machine maintenance is thus optimized and expensive downtime minimized. Customers also get a clear overview, 24/7, of the condition of all installed Temco bearings across their entire plant.


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