Textile Yarns

Best yarn quality at highest speeds

Clothing, home textiles, outdoor equipment and vehicle interiors. There are numerous applications for textured yarns with specific requirements produced with Temco components. The quality of the end product depends on the quality of the yarn. To be used in textiles, the flat filaments must become fluffy and voluminous. The uniform crimp to achieve a soft textile feel and good properties can be achieved by Temco texturing units equipped with Polyurethan (PU) discs. Likewise, the twist stopper and pressure roller components ensure the best yarn quality at the highest speeds possible.

Daily Clothing

Wearing the right outfit for the right occasion keeps people busy every day. It starts with a business outfit, continues with casual street style and ends with a relaxed leisure look. Everyone agrees on one thing: clothing must be comfortable and feel good on the skin. In texturing, Temco discs are the key component for successful and profitable yarn production. Man-made fibers produced with Temco products meet all these requirements, even when it comes to the soft and smooth feel of underwear or the elasticity of ladies' stockings and swimsuits. By developing the disc material, optimizing the yarn path geometry and maintaining tight tolerances in manufacturing and quality control, Temco has set worldwide standards with its texturing discs.

Home Textiles

Even the most beautiful living space can always be staged a little better. Home textiles give the living ambience an individual touch and ensure coziness. Whether curtains, roman blinds or decorative pillows, cuddly blankets, table and bed linen or sofa and chair covers, man-made yarns can be found in home textiles in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They offer a number of advantages, such as reduced pilling, high lightfastness and lower water absorption. For filament spinning, Temco offers reliable, durable and resistant separator rolls that ensure a stable process. In filament texturing, the Temco texturing discs achieve the highest yarn quality through careful selection of Polyurethan (PU) material, disc geometry and surface structure.

Outdoor Equipment

The field of outdoor equipment includes outdoor jackets, hiking boots, backpacks, tents and camping equipment. All these items must be functional and durable. Tear-resistant, UV-resistant and waterproof material with high color fastness is mostly made of polyester or polyamide. To spin these high quality yarns, Temco offers separator rollers for maximum speeds and highest temperatures. Reduced bearing friction torques lead to a longer service life even with the fast spinning processes Full Drawn Yarn (FDY) and Spinning Drawn Yarn (SDY).

Functional Fabrics

Protective clothing, e.g. for firefighters, or functional fabrics for parachutes or paragliders require a fabric structure that is as airtight as possible. The quality of these fabrics depends on the yarn quality. With Temco's smooth-running separator rolls, which are characterized by low acceleration and inertia, fewer tensile forces are exerted on the yarn resulting in gentle treatment and highest yarn quality.


Sportswear has many facets: from figure-hugging to casual to discreetly chic with a touch of elegance. There are no limits to the variety. But one important feature is indispensable, it must have good moisture transport to keep the body dry. Maximum physical performance needs breathable and sweat-absorbing sportswear that follows every movement, whether it's daily training in the gym, on the sports field, on the trekking bike or in the rowing boat. Special fabrics are used for this purpose, mainly made of textured filaments and monofilaments. Temco components treat the filaments extremely carefully at the highest speeds to ensure high yarn quality. The textured discs are the guarantor for high-quality yarns needed for these elastic functional fabrics. 

Automotive Textiles

Each car reflects the personality of its owner, the textiles in the interior are also different. Therefore, the automotive industry offers a wide variety of colors, designs and qualities. For a high-end result of the interior textiles, such as the upholstery of the seats, a high-quality yarn is needed. The nip roller unit on the Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) machine has a direct influence on the textured yarn qualities. This component represents Temco's core competence: vibration-free running with low bearing friction.