Industrial Yarns

Best yarn results for highest functionality

Industrial yarns are found in products made from high-quality raw materials, e.g. in tire manufacturing, safety protection, geosynthetics, environmental filtration, ropes for shipping and fishing, and communication materials. The functionality of the fabrics depends on the properties of the yarns. To achieve the highest yarn quality, Temco supplies high-quality market-leading components. With the smooth-running separator rolls, which have lower acceleration and inertia, less tension is exerted on the yarn, enabling gentler treatment of the yarn.

Tire Cord

For the production of tire cord, mainly rayon, nylon, polyester and aramid fibers are used, which strengthen the material. Tire cord fabric made of polyester keeps the tires in shape and supports the weight of the vehicle, which has a significant impact on performance, safety and speed. In the production of tire cord, Temco's FR yarn guide roller provides very smooth running, resulting in gentle guidance of the yarns due to its integrated bearing design and its highly wear-resistant coating.

Automotive Safety

Airbags and seat belts are made of high-strength FDY, as all safety-relevant systems must function perfectly in an emergency case. This places the highest demands on production, processing problems such as thread breaks, seam irregularities or material damage. For this reason, the surface finish of the Temco separator roller is very gentle on the yarn. Especially with fine yarns, care must also be taken to avoid adhesion losses with the roller surface during start-up. The low starting torque of the VR separator roller due to the small rotating mass and the low frictional torque of the bearing prevents adhesion losses and thus yarn slippage and filament damage, and ensures consistently high yarn quality.


Geotextile is a special type of polymer fabric with very small holes used to improve soil properties in construction projects. Geotextile is an ideal textile material for roads, harbors, landfills, breakwater construction, drainage structures and other construction projects. The materials are woven, knitted, non-woven, spun-bonded or braided. In filament production for geotextiles, Temco's extremely smooth guiding and separating rolls are suitable for the processes where low tension forces and gentle yarn guidance are required.

Glass and Carbon Fibers

Glass and carbon fibers are one of the most widely used reinforcing elements due to their properties, such as high strength, flexibility, durability, stability, light weight and resistance to heat, temperature and moisture. They are used in commercial and industrial composites for a variety of applications. Inorganic materials, such as glass fiber can be produced with the Temco interlacing jet LD5. Various jet inserts are available with different air channels to suit yarns and titers. In addition, the air-jet is equipped with the proven open/close design.