The sustainable disc for DTY processes
  1. The only sustainable texturing disc on the market
  2. Market-leading quality
  3. Monetary cost benefits

Product details

The GreenDisc meets customer demands for highest quality standards in texturing in an environmentally responsible manner by featuring an innovative detachable carrier, which is fully circular and a recyclable polyurethane ring.

Design revolution

The GreenDisc consists of a two-part, dismountable carrier and a polyurethane ring (PU ring). Thanks to a snapin connection, the two parts of the carrier can be fastened around the PU ring and separated again after usage and recycled. The new design offers the same maximum speed and high yarn quality as any other Temco discs.

Going green made easy

The GreenDisc contributes to a greener future while overcoming the challenges of waste storage and disposal. Once the GreenDisc has reached its operational lifetime, Temco picks up the used discs at the customer’s facility and delivers new ones on the spot. The new GreenDisc can immediately be installed, while the used ones will start their recycling journey

Lifecylce of the GreenDisc


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